here’s the 15 foot poem I promised you a while back

all road signs begin to lead me in the wrong direction
where are you?
my brothers and sisters?
“Shut up Hippie!” they scream and laugh
but what does that mean
what does that truly mean?
where are you?
I am the light muse,
the fog horn
beckoning thee.
and the reflecting agents came
crawling through the walls,
up through the cracks in the floor boards
through the pores in every surface
and as i slept
my kin
into my skin
into my bones
eyes opening
strained, forceful, contorted ways
with pure indescribable light
the sweetest loving light of an unseen face
“trace these lines” she says, back
to eternities gate
begins to shape the states of internally expanding grace
billions of colors convene
and calibrate to the form of hidden heartscape
the binding agents unite
dancing and swarming they huddle
on the floor of minds open eye.
she whispers
quietly, in reverence
so i sit
contemplation replaced with the still
steady pulse of heart centers healing release.
dank walls of misconception crumble to earths ever renewing surface.
reflecting agents of change
your heart fire unites with her core
and burns through my eyes
a day dreaming depth of such divine vision
once known, one cannot deny, I try,
but see no other way
out of the darkness of this dismal day,
these dire extremes
beckoning for change, ever louder
grow your silent screams,
nourish me,
see through these third level lies
“we are held” she cries, silently
without integration of heart mind vision we remain
trapped in the minds jail cell of fear and judgement
only through heart map, can we attempt
to navigate.
renewing rain
washes away emotional stains
back- to the confusion-from which they came.
the war mongers leave waste
and wreckage- twisted tracks of deception
but with patience and true strength these are lifted
and re-assembled
into a spiral staircase of pure potential
spanning from golden globe to sky caves door
we ride this transcendent line
each stop
a timeless trek for activation
relationships become journeys
the signs of your light bodies are scribed
through the divine vision of each opened eye.
course these veins
reflecting agents of change
surrender mine lower senses to subtle bodies quiet advances.
let unclouded eyes trace the perfection of your structure
with each co-creating gesture
we dance- your body feeding all bodies,
tears become rain drops
day light becomes a doorway
night our cave
Re-instate your caress as the only call to arms
feed us sweet nectar
re-charge us with your agents of change
let I
be your vessel
and in your sweet embrace
we remember
we see
we manifest.

One thought on “here’s the 15 foot poem I promised you a while back

  1. My friend Richard West died yesterday morning riding his bike in the cool morning air. Richard was well on his way to becoming a counsler. I had studied with him in the last year and got to know him. He was a great guy and was always helping others. I was shocked to hear that he had been hit by a motorcycle…what are the chances, being struck by a motorcycle while riding a bike? Very strange. This reminds me that life can be taken from us in a moment, so live life the way you want to live it, enjoy what this planet allows us to experience. Try and find your place in this ocean of chaos, the universe is vast but not lost and we all have a place within it. Each one of us a light and we all are connected to another light. If your so lucky, you may see this light, your counter light if you will, and to recognize is to realize what it truely means.
    I know richard has joined his counter light. In love, in light, be free Richard.

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