pictures & a poem

music homework

this chicken was washed up on shore, next to where I wrote the below poem on the way home from shasta. I rescued it and will imortalize her in an assemblage piece.

Tara & Shasta
I lay
with my back against a large rock
rapids splash hungrily below
a train whistle in the distance
the dissonant humming of metal on metal
countless names fly by
union pacific, EOK, DNB, Shorty
coloring this oversized metal snake
on it’s trek towards my mountain mother
the one called shasta
who’s radiance I bathed in
last night
who’s gently massaging fingers carressed my tired eyes.
Tara came to play
and washed away those who would defile our communion
“Om Tare Tu Tare Ture Soha”
your smile enters my vessel through rivers song
sunlight kisses this weathered face
and awakens again the chrimson child within
he who is inseperate from your love
he who peaks his head from your cavelike womb
my trek to the base of your mount teaches me life lesson:
the power of your presence
strengthening light body into a mighty giant.
no human made display could ever touch
the depth of our connection
your light stream dances through dreaming eyes
and I am filled
with the glory of your perfection
all i need
all i am
is the solution
to any and
all human questions.

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