Rejoice in this Gift to Transmit

Greetings Amazing ones. I was blessed with the opportunity to read this poem with the Living Alliance of Love @ a gathering featuring a super potent prayer-formance by the Godess Alchemy Project and a set by the headlining band Ka’nal. Then Sunday I got to spend the whole day with my Sister, Brother in Law and Beautiful Niece Nyomi, we went to the american river and she floated around in a crazy psychadelic chicken. I’ll try and get some pictures of all of the above.
here’s the poem. bless. dragonboy.
in this voice
rejoice in this gift to transmit
rejoice and know
that my word is sacred
for, were I to stumble but one split second
each life inside of each life inside of each life
would know it
each layer upon transdimensinal layer would echo the affects of mal intention
shot back through time
was awoken
to the foulness of the venomous dialect I a had so hastily chosen.
and once known, one must give thanks
for this sentient feedback mechanism
the cosmic tuner for the tone of each dreamer
remains whole heartedly
souly aligned with the rise and fall of her tides
connecting the bridge
to choose the words
whose true meaning lay hid
until the heart is
wide open enough to ingest the
akashic tale of internal remembering
an ever expanding luminous volume of the
sacred readers digest
each chapter
a loving memory on her eternal quest
a book with no binding
we scribble the words that always find
the path that winds it’s way to the sacred heart
and here
feels like a good place to start
never questioning the abundance
that comes when all intentions
are placed on the clear white light
of each and every dreamers true face.
line after ascending line
a staircase into our ineffable nature
we scribe the truth as we see it,
living the perfection of each instant,
we look deep inside for true intent
we sit
until all other roads are closed
and all that remains is a stream
full of floating rocks
so we hop
from one bobbing
boulder to the next
checking the depth
to make sure that if we fall, we don’t drown
we’re so far along
we plunge, willingly
headfirst into our souls birth
and what has been created
leaves us breathless for an instant.
we gaze
into the mirror of the cosmic night
and are abosorbed by the black ink
from which the eyeballs of each dreamer
are given light.
And the world becomes our canvas
our note book,
a living journal
we manifest through this light and dark.
we re-open sky caves through the words of a timeless age
the tongues spoken, only when HIS-Story is broken
and these words become the support beams for the bridge to she and he.
from the molten core to skycaves open door, we convene
along paths of our own creation
drawing the lines of true loves sensation
this sacred text is our vision
deep inside the very essence of each word
lay our intention-
these pages must be published only through
the light centers of each internal press
in order to grasp the work of each initiates true test.
one cannot fail to recognize the
the searing heat from the gaze of the fathers eyes,
Yet equally and whole hearteldy, only through mothers love
can we internalize,
to transmit
the sacredness of each instant.
rejoice in this gift
to transmit
that which is internally hid
deep in the chambers of all knowing
each holds in their heart centers the seeds,
to begin lifes hidden prophecies
written on these re-evolutionary records
are the souls adventures
planted deep within
the dark richness of her soil
a tale is told,
and is only as tall as the teller
and she who would venture from the
internal path would find in it’s place
a tale that were not worth knowing.
insistent though are the mothers whispers
and how telling is the wisdom
when channeled through thine divine vision.
a site seers paradise, where scribe and light unite,
where all scenes create the sacred space of a billion dreamers dreams
who each remember
their original face
a vistapoint for the immaculate re-conception of the vast expanse
breathing life into the lines that write the thought forms that
expand beyond space and time
we trace
with internal writing devices the
geometric patterns of illuminating grace
kaleidescoping into and from the power centers of each being
we weild new swords
that write in our own blood,
the tale how WE see it.
rejoice in this gift to transmit
and remember
the lines of light that draw
you are yours to create with
so transmit
and become the giver
as you are the gift.

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