the trickle up effect

trickle up
trickle up fair mutagen
trickle up fair maiden of transmutation
trickle up
through the floorboards of evermore
reach, your dark swirling hands through
what, they thought was solid surface
re-claim for re-birth
what they’ve maimed and defiled.
mutate and transmit through the ones who dance to your silent whispers
transform the fallen ones into fuel for
the alchemical ascension
trickle up
to the tops of their toilsome towers
and tremble these spires to your floor
with the indomitable force of your lucid laughter
as tragic as their last breath
and as glorious as their first
bring the truth before their eyes
with I as your vessel
with I and I as witness
trickle up through my belly
with sentence after un-incarcerating sentence
make them long for repentance
and as they shriek
in horror
at the truth
that stands before them
as they curse the voice of knowledge
that has lead them to this dark and dismal state
trickle up
and give them your grace
close their worldly eyes
and open those through which you see
reveal to them
the supernal way in which
you weave
your light filled tapestries
show them the significance of each word they’ve ever uttered
in distaste against the glory you create
trickle up
and transmutate the song
of each cell
dance through them
as you dance through I
broadcast your epic trance
through the fire of each soul
reveal through each open eye
the ultimate goal
through each instantaneous awakening
a blueprint for the almighty ascent
the ever expanding christening of immaculate invent
trickle up
as the reminder
of who we are
your true intent.
go here
and scroll down to the 1/16/2005 interview with Gregg Braden
love always

One thought on “the trickle up effect

  1. Lucid Laughter, Luscious.
    My number is 1-(707) 292-9011
    I’ve thought about you since our time was done
    and would like to revisit you on a day filled with sun and water as well as shade and indulge in thought while our minds are made.

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