this man is amazing

I’ll be here this weekend. working and watching music check out the line up!
here’s some info on a talk if you’re not planning on going to the art opening at the crux or want to show up fashionably late. I’ve seen him speak before and it’s quite nice.
Lin Jensen
Friday June 23 @ 7pm
Local Zen master reads from his upcoming work
Born in 1932, Lin Jensen has seen some of the best and worst that life can give, and it is his unshakeable conviction that love and beauty take root in even the most barren of places and that no matter how difficult life can be, its sweetness is always with us. His last book Bad Dog! received rave reviews, like “simply the best book on the wisdom of living I have seen in many years” (Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul) and, “Bad Dog! reads like something Steinbeck might have written had he been a Buddhist” (Chrostopher Moore, author of Fluke). Come hear excerpts from Lin’s upcoming work Pavement: Reflections of Mercy, Activism and Doing Nothing for Peace.
Lyon Books & Learning Center
121 W. 5th Street, Chico, CA 95928

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