thanking her for birthing me

All I can do is send
welling love that spins
deep in my chest
A place I know
you exist
and casting shadows
upon the rich soil
i see shapes arise
and trace the outlines
with my inner eye
knowing the deeper
has allowed
for what is
and beyond that
i take the lead
step and retreat
step and retreat
giving thanks for
the gifts of the garden
i harvest
that which
smiles back in recognition
souls transmit
the starseed vision
the childlike request
for accountability
the Why
is pulled apart
peeled to it’s core
the childs voice
ceaslessly implores
so I step back
the mind not denying the
hearts response
and allowing
Her whispers to consume
and inform the divine
shapes that become the answer
the response vibrates forth from
my molten core
exstatic as the sun spots i worship
blinding and seering the fallen initiates
the light becomes a beacon in
the dark depths
of this MAN-made world
the old paradigm resigns
as her cosmic heart sighs
tickling each hairlike strand
on my light body
i shake in pure excstacy
thanking her
for birthing me.

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