adventures in dragonland

Aarish's own version of hopscotch (which incidentally only he knows how to play, and always wins at)

this past weekend was chikokos spring bizarre bazar, and hank, my number one patron made this patch, which is AWESOME!!! impo


This crazy bug was chillin in our bathrooom the other night. Its REALLY REALLY REALLY BIG! anyone know what it is? it seems to me like a cross between a silverfish a centipede and a daddy long legs...

sarah unites with one of the new members "loyal" of the "dream team", a collaboritve venture between me and charles.

eenie meenie miney mo...

michael shaw unites forces with the very first dream team member prince "paco nightengale"

a shot from my office space on vallombrosa


2 thoughts on “adventures in dragonland

  1. Thanks Lawson! I love to share. I’m REALLY excited about the esoteric psychology course, what a beautiful gift you offer, maybe some day I’ll visit you in New Zeland…
    I added the link to the Christ College
    blessings, dave

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