clouds on I5 & words

the day dream team invests its every effort upon the capital
in which your interest is paid
clever and cooperatively drunk on the heights of your own hearts wisdom
these eyes ponder that which lies beyond the visible
to steam your own blood in the fire of mamas renewing cataclysms
a reinvestment of the senses
a knowing that stretches far beyond the “known senses”
one that stems from the rose bud of existence herself.
he picks up sticks and drops the marbles all over the cafe floor,
he knows the excitement of life
the reason love exists
the love that creates the ability to reason.
how often and overwhelming the souls calling,
she asking for your inner ears
to come to attention.
to observe with every ounce of your awareness
her aria sounds inside of every sound
with the gift of grace, you absorb
the light of life’s feathered fingers tickling your frontal lobe
into an unknowing place, where fear can bind, or liberate
depending on how you relate
to this rawness,
this need to digest souls aesthetic
a beauty all your own,
a unique and universal siren calling you home,
the one
pondering the one
in an angelic state of remembrance you
give in
relinquishing control,
to listen
to give yourself
to give to all
the power of her flowing voice
that which never ends.

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