OMAHA PART 01 + a poem

how many dots
in a row must be drawn
in order for you to realize
the screen is capturing
the beautiful gift that is you
and I?
like a spinster pterodactyl
standing outside the abandoned
wall-street-mart bidding floor
you hoist yourself laughingly into
the sky cave remembrance machine
like two black cats kissing
the “I want to trade REAL names
within you function” gradually opens
like a budding rose,
a scent who’s timeless fragrance enters the human heart
to reveal the light that lay beneath.
the dismembered plastic arm of your cobra commander action figure
becomes a toothpick for your pet dragon
as antennae of pure gold sprout from your
well cared for head.
3 words are written on the inside
of your left eyelid
and on the right lid
3 more
She’s as country as a country girl could be,
even when she’s not holding her guitar
scrumptious, savory,
as real as the first time you took LSD.
like lightning flashes on the desert floor
that create crystalline flowers that transmit
and receive the messages of your mothers heart.
as well as professor keen-beam
who’s card is drawn to create the pods
of I’s for transmission.
The truth is simple
and profoundly potent
if you are claiming your bags in denver
go to carrousels 1, 5, and 8.

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