ART SHOW flyer & a poem

This Show is up now and runs through april & will be at the Chico Sports Club gallery.
here are some images from the show

You and the Puzzle
Catapulting pigeons send beaming
rainbow light from unicorn horn beaks aflame,
like your achey breaky heart,
engulfing the world like a sword
the size of fifty six million king kong blow up dolls.
A state you seem to keep winding up in.
Born into a puzzle whose pieces seem to be your life,
but you’ll be damned if you can figure out where they go
seeing as how the previous owner lost the cover box
with the original picture…
now the pieces reside in a ziplock bag which sits
on the coffee table and makes you wince
every time you walk by and happen to glance at it.
But the burning hearted king kong sword wielding captains room
within the recesses of your mind seems to keep docking
on the pier of your daily existence
and even though the smell of fish (which you’ve always hated)
is thick
you decide to follow the intrinsic dial a date
instinct bliss button within sight mechanism
and you
place a few pieces on the table and look at them.
You have NO idea where they go
a big step has been taken,
you, sitting, contemplating the nature of what the bigger picture
might be
by looking at these variously obscure and seemingly
incomprehensible chunks.
you and the puzzle

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