My name is Pancho Pablovsky star cough-o-gus. I have come to share with you some activities from my planet.
I am borrowing slash utilizing dragonboys body. he seems to have become quite a portal of receptivity. On my own planet i would appear to you as 12 feet tall and made of a substance somewhat similiar to what you call tissue paper, only much more translucent and full of light. I am what you would call a female or an ulitimatiely receptive vehicle. my hair is bright orangey red and brilliant beyond reason, i always wear it in pony tails down to my (what you would call knees) and utilize it to capture and ingest creatures of all kinds.
On my planet, SUN-Ya-SUN-Ya-SEN the dream world and waking world have merged, making so called reality much more cohesive and collectively vibrant. I am here to help you to awaken to this reality which is (as we speak) attempting to integrate itself into this planet of yours. we need to utilize dream activating agents within all of us in order for this to take place.
Do we have any actors in the audience? non actors?. actors and non actors shake hands.
we must not keep our desires inside, and yet we must not let them run wild and wreak havoc on the world, thus we can utilize the dream activating agents of change all around us, in order to create cohesivley and cooperatively with those around us in merging the worlds. The result of this interaction with the DAAC will have uncalculatable and uncategorizable results. for example. one might find a desire arising to “do something about all of the injustice in the world”, however this person is sitting in the olive garden eating alfredo pasta, what then. a possible outcome in invoking the DAAC might be an outburst of coughing (very dramatic, with great attention payed to the tones made by the back of the throat, so as to sound painful). Now, if properly executed the sound of the coughing will invoke in the surrounding patrons a sense of creative dreaming which responds to the desire felt within the cougher. Therefore the cougher has enlisted those around him/her as creative servants through their own interaction (conscious or otherwise) with their own DAAC. let us practice.
this is a cosmic dream workshop for those who wish to gain illumination into the reason that is eternally dreaming existence into reality. you are here because you have been drawn here by a pencil you might not even be aware of. The drawing of you shapes the drawing of all of us.
I propose that we can change the world. right here.
I and all present here (wether knowingly or not ) are here to facilitate our evolution through the open analysis, interpretation and re-enacting or envisioning of our dreams.
in opening this matter we must appreciate and come to an understanding that
our dreams are real. however we must define real.
real is that which exists.
we must treat this experience as a kindergarten class exercise. invoking that sense of selflessness and at the same time complete embodiment of innocent “I” ness, that is characteristic of all human children of certain early age.
The great invocation to awaken the dreaming reality of awakening dreams.
This is important. (article 56)
I don’t know why this is important, but this is important.
One day i will know why this is important.
until that day, I will simply trust
that this is important.
• pick something from the box of directly integrative and non-directly integrative dream realizers. Give the realizer a name. try and discern what your relationship is with this realizer (there is always a relationship, wether “direct or non direct”). discuss pertinent information with realizers. ask for assistance from other dreamers in the illumination of realization.
• write a dream on the wall
• hand shake discovery : shake hands with another dreamer and try and evoke an emotion in them simply by the way you shake their hand
• divide and discuss: my level of being comfortable “on stage”, or in the lenz of focused energy of the collective. those who are comfortable on one side, discussing the sensations in their body, those on the other side do the same
• read a dream from the golden reservoir, decide wether or not enactment could help in bringing this dreams nature more fully into reality. in enacting what elements would best work? shadow dancers? creative servants in the form of: sound makers, mumblers, whistlers, ground stompers, grumblers?
• embody you favorite bird. (see article 316)
• write a poem (see article 634) and share it with the group (speak it aloud).
ARTICLES OF RELEVANT REVELATION: to the attainment of wakeful dreaming, awakening.
891. all beings are your personal creative servants wether they realize it or not. IMPORTANT: If you awaken to the fact that you are indeed one of these personal creative servants, you can begin to create beautiful and meaningful chaos within the dreams of all creatures. ALSO: once you awaken in the dream and find others who have awakened around you, your ability to creatively enslave each-other is enhanced and highly delight-able.
52. my true essence is a conglomorant of many highly excitable, enticing and sometimes emotionally excessive entities,
whose actions may be misinterpreted by some to be something other than ultimately unconditionally loving to all forms of life.
4. In this state of physicality I am an actor above all else. until my dissolution back into the ultimate light, I shall act.
27. for those who cant take the intense pressure from the emotional transgifurators, or need relief from the lenz of eyes, there is the cave, not a place of reprimand, only a cool dark place of refuge.
687. one must be strong enough in their emotional vehicle (aka: dreaming vessel of ultimate transformation) to realize that their actions may be mistaken by others as malicious of hurtful. this is a natural phenomenon occurring due to the inability of the other to realize that you are acting as a creative servant in the dream world.
30281. invoke your dream world for those around you, whether they can perceive it or not. ie: tearing down an entire city as godzilla.
2356. there is no such thing as a bad dream.
56. this is important
8234. everything that passes through your hands knows you, and will never forget you. you are married to it forever.
• in working with this reality it behooves yourself and those around you to develop a healthy and co-constructive relationship with those things you touch. (it’s kind of like being married to the world, but without the option of filing for divorce).
316. embody you favorite bird whenever possible. Try to get your movements and way of being exactly like that of the bird. NOTE: eye contact with birds whenever possible is recommended to properly understand this article.
13. the relative equation for awakening dreaming awakening
AFF + US = I
translated: all faculties functioning plus us equals you equals I.
the DAAOC (dream activating agents of change) encompass all elements of the equation, thus we have: (DAAOC(AFF + US = I)).
634. poetree is a direct dialogue with your dreaming mind.
8023. meet the hypnotic dream dancers in person. (gigi, isabel, clowie, samantha, and kevin)
6321. revalations of things to come. While in the waking state dream impulses will implant glimpses of future events through inspiring YES moments (these moments often entail the thought “I could die right now and be perfectly ok with it”.
23. The facilitation of dream activating agents is heightened when in large groups of humans.
note: dream activating agents are activated and extremely excellerated through the genuine wish to see the dreams of others fulfilled.

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  1. Dave, this is the line i liked. It is what I was referring to at the 2nd Synthesis Art Show when I spoke of your writing about “teachers being unrecognized.” Peace. _*_*_*_*_*_ 687. one must be strong enough in their emotional vehicle (aka: dreaming vessel of ultimate transformation) to realize that their actions may be mistaken by others as malicious of(r) hurtful. this is a natural phenomenon occurring due to the inability of the other to realize that you are acting as a creative servant in the dream world.

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