these books of flesh are bound to burn

she says to open my channel,
she tells me to open her being to the healing abilities of my mind.
her human age says nothing of her timeless trek
these books of flesh are bound to burn
written in the higher archives are heavens tales
the trembling touch you know exists
as your states provide the proof again and again
were i to accept the “birth live die” fate, my I, would be for naught,
but to taste the doorway into the circle,
the timeless nature of acceptance and expulsion
to see the beam shoot verily unto mine inner eye,
a knowing beyond knowing
the true nature of time
how the first word spoken still echoes in my inner ear
and each sound i add builds the castle spires higher…
there in the wind
can you hear?
here in my hand
do you see her crawling for life?
tourists taste the glory of their own essence
when surrounded by the sights of this.
arrows melt into the fruit of true remembrance.
close your eyes and listen.
open your heart
and give the gift
of your existence.

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