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I’ve been following Dr. Megs work for a while. It’s a bit new Age but hey, we are living in a new Age…
Interviews of Dr. Meg These archives are free, you just have to sign up for the website. It’s an AWESOME resource!
I thought this review was cool, cause it was actually a bunch in one…
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After reading this book, I bought 8 copies as holiday gifts for teachers,health care professionals and fellow parents. Some comments from the 9 readers follows:
*** I understand now that my child is not a problem. He has talents and abilities that are different and he has something wonderful to contribute to this changing world.
*** How to create a love of learning in our schools is clear now.
*** We wonder how our children can create life on a planet that is envrionmentally unstable. Within this book is the answer to that question, in the children’s own words, and how we can support them as they envision the future.
*** Our children have so much to teach us,now is the time to listen closely. There is great wisdom in their truthful hearts. I began listening as I read those pages. I listen more intently to what my daughter has to say now and I understand the depth of her observations.
*** The children in my classes have absolutely changed over the last 20 years. I had no truthful way of explaining what was occuring until I read this book. Aha!!
*** As a health care provider I’ve suspected that cronic illness in adults and children is a symptom of a society that is out of truth with itself. The children confirm this and are clearly able to discern the truths that we have forgotten. The outlook for healing ourselves has just gotten infinitely brighter!
*** This book has inspired a new way of interacting with my students that is both practical and creative.
*** I am reading this book again. I am grateful for the beauty of the message and the openheartedness and courage of the messenger
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