not doing anything for new years? come and see…

The Dragonboy Family Circus Presents: GRANDEARIES RETURN FROM THE DEAD.
Starts at 8:45pm at the senator theatre. more details about the event in the previous blog (scroll down).
If you can’t make it, here’s the opening scene dialouge.
this is a tale thats been told a million times a million times a million times
and everytime it’s different
yet the same
divergent diaries lending longing eyes a home
we listen,
and still
is known.
she sits on the seashore petting the asses of burrowing sand crabs
with her big toe
smiles form on the lips of the waves
from gravestones to snowcones, theres only one way home.
along a steep winding path
we trek
like ants up the hill
wistling happily as we go
up up
into the skycave
where clouds cosily brush the tips of our eyelids
she waits in the middle of the floating castle.
she pleads longingly for your touch
knowing your inclination is to
eat your own shell and die,
she begs tirelessly with no aversions to your childlike games.
we are the gemstones in her shining crown
the specks of blood on her maxipad
we are dragged through the daylight heat only to be thrust deep into the dark cold sea
we are
children, reindeer, dogs, toothbrushes, cows utters, molecules, diabolical schemes to create mass destruction,
periods, ending the words to our latest love letters. red bikes, black leather boots bouncing baby boys 2 corn chex left in the box, the answer to world peace, we are black white red and pink, we are going crazy, and taking you with us.
not a single eye sees
yet all glimpse the imbetweens that create this tale
the covers drawn we nustle, deep in the sheets of our cozy beds.
knowing the sun holds little for us in the icicles our bodies have become,
yet black churning liquids tell no lies when churning for the taste of grannys loving gaze.
So up out of the burrows
and into the skys
sprouting bats wings and fangs
we shriek
granny we come for thee
granny we long for thee.
will you never leave us?
shall you ever be, our granny?

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