we are power puff rangers landing in the eyes of PERFECT strangers

to remain entranced in the enticing words of the broadcast would be my steam train of death.
therefore wiring necklaces with lapis becomes me. and standing on toes that leave body balanced
i remind them
i will never fall
because tales
this tall do grow on trees
and sleeves
and gloves
and pentagonal shapes in the sand where you stare into the sun
as tall as you’ve ever been. i blush at your beauty
longing to wrap my tentacles around your supple torso and squeeze
with the perfect amount of pressure to activate the dancing light ships that encircle your glowing body
forever entranced by your spinning, i float, backward
a kite
in a drift
a train car in transit
how in love with every inch of her buzzing surface, to know the smallest grain on her shore, to grasp the depth of her deepest cave
is where i live
are who i love
in shadows longing gaze i remain
enthralled by the dance called time
emblazoned with the miracle called breath
breathing fire
we are dragons
we are dakinis and durgas
we are creepers crawling through the night
we are the vultures
the hummingbirds
the sand-crabs
the ballerinas of bliss
spinning through the cathedral of death
we are power puff rangers landing in the eyes of PERFECT strangers
and YOU
are the light in my eyes
and I, the light in yours.

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