Divergent Paths All Lead Home

SHE always feeds us,
through our eyes
through smiling lips
through salty kisses
and turbulent mixtures
through molten fissures
endless rivers
through spinning orbs
as large as your mind can fathom.
SHE feeds us light
through cracks we cannot see
beams as big as mountain
as delicate as bee
SHE throws thunderbolts into my eyes
to ignite activation.
SHE offers me
her daily allowance
of allowance… and forgiveness
i bow before her
SHE gifting endless scriptures
written on the insides of your eyelids.
her investing is not in capital,
no loss no gain,
only a steady dose of deliverance,
only the ever illuminating reality
of non stop abundance.
her eyes burn brightly
in the eyes of your beloved
her eyes burn brightly in your heart of hearts.
your plight is a map to her brilliant spires,
seek not that which denies the glory of her gifts,
for to do so
is to deny that you exist.
I’m going home.
and so are you,
we feel the blazing light of her endless love,
what path shall we choose?

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