she is not orange
the way you might think
one of her many wonderful plans
involves the madness and solidarity
of this hue
the absolute necessity of tearing down the walls
ripping to shreds anything you’ve ever written
she has no “words” of wisdom per say
rather, one of her immensely deep dictionary like bands of color
just happened to land here
her eyes
are magnets
that make you grow or shrink
according to your reaction
i’ve rested in the places she likes best
i’ve tasted the flavors that make her who she is
i know how high her gong spire climbs
and just enough of me knows it’s most important to give her gifts
in the way she would want them given
otherwise the terror she strikes in the eyes of men would leave them bleeding
otherwise i myself would crumble and be incapable of any action
other wise
in other, seemingly wise words i know her tentacles are tempting
revealing the leaks in my vessel
i bite down hard on my own reactions
my forward momentum paused by a deep longing to capture
this ineffable creature
but her shape is shifting
she’s growing legs before my eyes
4 more to be precise
making her suspiciously spider like,
these new legs are black and sticky with thick luscious hair to sensitize her to her surroundings
making her even more powerful
worshipping her like a queen
my light wobbles
my own gong spire reels.
their whispering voices
reveal the injured
the parasitic reactionary delusionists
the reclusive agents jump from the shadows
and try to swallow me
but laser beams shoot from her eyes
instantly incinerating those that would
see my flesh seared and my body crumbled in a pile of death on the floor
they run but cannot escape her blazing glare
she smiles calmly her heart a growing star growing brighter and brighter
my queen
i long for her to taste and regurgitate my tall tales.
to lay a path for my rolling castle.
to weave a web that catches me when i fall
and in this interest
our primary purpose best serves
all creative creatures,
this means you.
i see your gong spires dancing from your bodies
like ripples from a pond
growing larger and larger
i realize her dream
is my dream
is your dream
and the delights of our trance has just begun
we look strangely and wondrously into each others eyes
like children, who see beyond the wickedness of becoming an adult
we dance in circles that exclude no one
the beams that begin to shoot from our eyes
make us expand
those who can handle this power grow
igniting insides this hypnotic gaze
we gravitate to places that hold and feed us
light bodies paint inter-dimensional canvases beyond the so called ordinary senses.
and choosing this gift of innocence,
the kiss of mothers spaciousness
our minds twist around the magic of a script
we can barely see and your fingers touch
the insides of my mind and allow me to
shift, just a bit, to the right, to the left, so i can see you
and what better
gift than we
for the sake of we.
we for the sake of an unmistakably
powerful queen
each expanding exponentially
our poetry into the ear of she we
our essence
listening to souls questions
in the praise
that paves a path of light
to guide our endless days.

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