Digital Be-In Crew & a poem

Dreamtime Awakened Cast, aside from Davin who’s probably taking the picture.
This sweet
deathly silence,
gives credence to every sound
that comes from this mouth.
bones that rise from graves
to dance
through the transient spirit voices
whose hearts
belong to the enchantress.
called forth to bless
through light, love
and the ability to manifest
deemed worthy are all
and each voice is heard
with agendas
inseperate from
the love through which
the soul sound is heard.
there is no “work” to be done
let us retrace our steps and let
all of the self aggrandizing knots of
progression be undone.
take cosmic sledgehammers to stagnant
walls of separation
let godessence liquid wash away sterile
towers of divisions delusion.
in your eyes
my soul weaves tapestries
so complex the creators delight
like a discovering child
through my voice
the words YOU
long to hear yourself
fear not fair maiden
my health is your health
and in spirit realms my abundance
has no end, no need
for hatreds hard edges
and scars become the tattoos of yesterdays perils
bring forth this that reclaims all.
dance in dreaming delight
harvest fruit
of gardens giving.

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