as fair as a maiden can be

as fair as a maiden can be
she stands
tall as redwood tree.
her smile pierces through veils
of entangled hearts
enchanted chords
weaving webs
of remembrance
among the ever ascending
agents of change
she speaks in silent whispers
“re-invest child—in this”
and i am engulfed,
in the grace of her loving kiss,
the tingeling tantric sensation leaves heart full
and mind blank
a canvas stretched tight
and ready
elementals dance
in circular column above crown
each poised
awaiting the power of my potential,
always revealing the structure
of mothers law
the perfect maze of cellular memory
and his story,
the filth
to create this modern incarcerating irony
pull me from his hatred
great mother
let me rest on your valley floor
unlock the chambers to your sacred space
whisper soul service to activate enchantress,
allow I to remeber.
blood red tears
the narrow path to tower
i climb
body wracked with fatigue
give me strength fair maiden
and through your love
give me time out of time
allow your coursing molten veins
to fuse with my own
implant I with feather light perfection
of condor
up and out of cave mouth
we soar
wings steady pulse
wind carresses dew filled lashes
tears dance with rain drops
sun shower laughter
through ever expanding halls of remebrance
creating chords of thundering storm clouds
a reverent furry
take our bodies great mother
make us the fuel for your fire of
place our precisley crafted vessels
into your sacred spiders web
chant through our vibrating throats
incantations that our hearts have always known
beam lighting bolts from our crowns
to fathers door
imprinting the tale of your union
on the seed of each
chrimson blossom,
let us reveal through
your truth
the secrets of childs heart.
give us this gift fair maiden
and we will be your gifts.

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