my friend zach has been helping me out with music theory THANK GOD!! he’s a really great teacher and person, this stuff is SO hard – especially when you miss the second week- this was the first burningman that i attempted to do homework. it worked out pretty well – although i’m still fairly lost in class. ah well. it’s fun to learn music.
here are a few burning man pics
oh and my gaurdian owl altar at the temple
many blessings
the dragon

the raddest dust storm i’ve ever been in (ask me about it)

view from inside the trilobyte

a big ass cube i got to paint on-mine is all the way on the left

owl gaurdian

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  1. Yah, that dust storm was rad. I spent about an hour walking through it!

    I’m sorry I never got to see the trilobite. The cube was fun, though. Having a big surface for people to graffiti on is a goooooood idea.

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